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preAbout Tie Guanyin tea英文版铁观音介绍 Origin of Tie Guanyin(铁观音起源) Tie Guanyin is a representatives of oolong tea,and belongs to green tea among the six major types of tea.Tie Guanyin was originally the name of a tea tree,because it is suitable for making oolong tea,its product was thus named Tie Guanyin;the SO—called Tie Guanyin is actual ly the oolong tea made from Tie Guanyin tea tree. Quality and characteristics of Tie Guanyin(铁观音的质量和特色) Tie Guanyin has excellent quality,its leaves ale thick and solid,it weighs as iron with dark and moist color,it has obvious sand green color with bright-colored red points.Its fragrance is noble-minded.long-lasting,stromg and fresh,it has a unique"lingering charm" with a sweet and fragrant aftertaste;even after 7 times infusion it still has fragrance…it can be called the king of oolong tea. The healthcare function of Tie Guanyin(铁观音的医疗保健功能) Verified by the domestic and foreign scientists,the chemical composition and mineral elements in Tie Guanyin have special functions to people''s health,the functions are roughly as follows:anti-ageing,resisting cancer,preventing artery sclerosis,preventing and curing diabetes,losing weight,preventing decayed tooth,disinfecting,preventing dyscentery,etc. Tea set for infusing Tie Guanyin(紫砂壶是泡饮铁观音的上佳具) When infusing Tie Guanyin,the best tea set for you is the Zi Sha(purple sand pottery);the Zi Sha tea set made in Yixing is most suitable,it will never afect the flagrance of the tea,it can keep the color,flagrance and taste of the tea for a long time.China''s first professional tea farmers cooperatives .Along with the unique flagrance of Tie Guanyin,if you take a sip,the flagrance will fill your nostrils. Autumn fragrance and Spring water(秋季铁观音品香春季铁观音品水) Tie Guanyin iS made with precision and exquisite techniques.Its sprouts come out in the last ten days of March,and will be picked in the first ten days of May;the tea can be picked in spring,summer,mid-summer and autumn.The autumn tea has the best quality,the spring tea has the highest output.The autumn tea has strong flagrance,so it is commonly called“autumn flagrance”;the spring tea gives you mellow feeling,so it is,commonly called“spring water” The Chinese people, in their drinking of tea, place much significance on the act of "savoring." "Savoring tea" is not only a way to discern good tea from mediocre tea, but also how people take delight in their reverie and in tea-drinking itself. Snatching a bit of leisure from a busy schedule, making a kettle of strong tea, securing a serene space, and serving and drinking tea by yourself can help banish fatigue and frustration, improve your thinking ability and inspire you with enthusiasm. You may also imbibe it slowly in small sips to appreciate the subtle allure of tea-drinking, until your spirits soar up and up into a sublime aesthetic realm. Buildings, gardens, ornaments and tea sets are the elements that form the ambience for savoring tea. A tranquil, refreshing, comfortable and neat locale is certainly desirable for drinking tea. Chinese gardens are well known in the world and beautiful Chinese landscapes are too numerous to count. Teahouses tucked away in gardens and nestled beside the natural beauty of mountains and rivers are enchanting places of repose for people to rest and recreate themselves. China is a country with a time-honored civilization and a land of ceremony and decorum. Whenever guests visit, it is necessary to make and serve tea to them. Before serving tea, you may ask them for their preferences as to what kind of tea they fancy and serve them the tea in the most appropriate teacups. In the course of serving tea, the host should take careful note of how much water is remaining in the cups and in the kettle. Usually, if the tea is made in a teacup, boiling water should be added after half of the cup has been consumed; and thus the cup is kept filled so that the tea retains the same bouquet and remains pleasantly warm throughout the entire course of tea-drinking. Snacks, sweets and other dishes may be served at tea time to complement the fragrance of the tea and to allay one's hunger. 参考译文: 中国人饮茶, 注重一个"品"字。"品茶"不但是鉴别茶的优劣,也带有神思遐想和领略饮茶情趣之意。在百忙之中泡上一壶浓茶,择雅静之处,自斟自饮,可以消除疲劳、涤烦益思、振奋精神,也可以细啜慢饮,达到美的享受,使精神世界升华到高尚的艺术境界。品茶的环境一般由建筑物、园林、摆设、茶具等因素组成。饮茶要求安静、清新、舒适、干净。中国园林世界闻名,山水风景更是不可胜数。利用园林或自然山水间,搭设茶室,让人们小憩,意趣盎然。 中国是文明古国,礼仪之邦,很重礼节。凡来了客人,沏茶、敬茶的礼仪是必不可少的。当有客来访,可征求意见,选用最合来客口味的茶叶和最佳茶具待客。主人在陪伴客人饮茶时,要注意客人杯、壶中的茶水残留量,一般用茶杯泡茶,如已喝去一半,就要添加开水,随喝随添,使茶水浓度基本保持前后一致,水温适宜。在饮茶时也可适当佐以茶食、糖果、菜肴等,达到调节口味和点心之功效。 注释: 1.神思遐想:reverie。 2.领略饮茶情趣:take delight in tea-drinking。 3.在百忙之中泡上一壶浓茶……:这个句子较长,译者根据其意思的层次,把它分成了两个完整的句子来翻译,这样就有较大的自由度来遣词造句。 4.择静雅之处:securing a serene space。 5.细啜慢饮:imbibe slowly in small sips。 6.达到美的享受:即"享受到饮茶之美"。allure这里是名词,意为"迷人之处",也可用beauty。 7.使精神世界升华到高尚的艺术境界:until your spirits soar up and up into a sublime aesthetic realm。 8.利用园林或自然山水间,搭设茶室:翻译时用了tucked away和nestled,比用built要形象、优美得多。 9.让人们小憩,意趣盎然:意思是"(茶室)是让人们休息、娱乐的迷人场所。" 10.礼仪之邦:即是"一个很讲究礼仪的地方","很重礼节"为重复,不译。 11.当有客来访:是"凡来了客人"的重复,可不译。根据下文的内容,加上before serving tea,使上下衔接贴切自然。 12.征求意见,选用最合来客口味的茶叶和最佳茶具待客:可理解为"询问来客他们最喜欢什么茶叶,然后用最合适的茶具给客人敬茶"。 13.主人在陪伴客人饮茶时:译为in the course of serving tea,与前面before serving tea相呼应。 14.主人在陪伴客人饮茶时……水温适宜:这句话较长,译者同样根据其意思的层次,把它分成了两个完整的句子来翻译。 15.随喝随添:and thus the cup is kept filled或者and in this way the cup is kept filled。 16.茶食:意思为"点心、小吃"。 17.达到调节口味和点心之功效:"点心"为方言"点饥、充饥"的意思。 /pre 安溪御廷铁观音批发,常年批发新鲜的各档次的安溪铁观音及本山、毛蟹、黄金桂等乌龙茶。“安溪御廷铁观音批发”与位于蓝田乡华南路106号的“华锋茶叶批发”属于联营机构,于1995年从事茶叶批发以来,本着“信誉至上,质量保证”的经营理念和坚持收购价加10%批发零售的宗旨受到各地茶友的好评。并于2002获“蓝田杯”茶王赛金奖和“青年茶叶拼配能手”等称号。御延茶叶立足铁观音原产地--福建省安溪县,坚守“同质低价,同价优质”的经营宗旨,保证同一品种、同一档次的茶叶比当地市场价更低,质量更优,更具市场竞争力。希望为您提供正宗品质安溪铁观音!!冲3皇冠全场茶叶包EMS,购250克以上可以免费领取5个茶叶样品。限茶叶类促销:单笔订单满200元减5元,减后满200元,送“御廷苑名茶白瓷茶具一套”,免运费。掌柜推荐1:【抵制暴利共度金融危机】安溪铁观音7.6折136元贴运费回馈茶友掌柜推荐2:09春茶 尝鲜58元250克送EMS〓TH116透天香黄金桂买500克送250克掌柜推荐3:销量冠军09春茶负利润感恩回馈QA118安溪铁观音73元504克72小包+赠品



铁观音——Tie Guanyin



红茶——black tea

白茶——white tea

绿茶——green tea

黑茶——dark tea

普洱茶——Pu’er tea;Pu Erhtea


花草茶——herbal tea

茉莉花茶——jasmine tea

乌龙茶——oolong tea

菊花茶——chrysanthemum tea

英语翻译 铁观音是一种味道非常香的茶,通常,你在屋子里泡一杯铁观音,整个屋子都会充满着茶香.

Tieguanyin is a kind of tea that has a good smell.Usually,if you make a cup of it,there will be a strong smell filled in the whole room. 求采纳

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